April 2023 NEWS

Why UT’s Office of Sustainability is necessary

The University of Texas' future lies in its ability to function sustainably as a university.  One office that actively facilitates a green transition through campus environmentalism initiatives is the Office of Sustainability.  Established in 2009, the Office is a central hub... Read More >

A month in, Galveston police mental health unit sees success

A month into its existence, members of Galveston Police Department’s first mental health unit already have received more than 47 calls and helped people most frequently seeking assistance, authorities said. Compassionate Open Access to Services & Treatment (COAST) launched March 13,... Read More >

Blank Slate Monumnet offers powerful experience

The Blank Slate Monument, currently on display at the Mary Moody Northen Plaza in Galveston, certainly offers more than what meets the eye. While the physical statue is compelling enough — a slave bound hand and foot supporting a Union Army soldier with a noose around his neck and... Read More >

George Mitchell’s foundation aims to usher in a new energy era in the Permian Basin

A clean energy future poses an existential threat to the Permian Basin, the prolific oil-producing region in West Texas that transformed the nation into a global energy powerhouse. It’s a problem that a new initiative from the Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation aims to address. George... Read More >

Consortium introduces Permian Energy Development Lab

A new consortium is ready to take advantage of the Permian Basin’s vast expanse and position as center of the global energy economy to address energy challenges around the globe.The Permian Energy Development Lab was introduced this week at the University of Texas and is a project incubated by... Read More >

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