Systemic racism is insidious—a complex, structural, and deeply-rooted affliction woven into the fabric of America, from our justice system to our schools to our economy to our environmental policies, working in various and often reinforcing ways to perpetuate inequity. These systems will not change until we acknowledge them and begin the complicated and difficult work of unwinding them.

Specifically, we recognize that wealth—and the power, protection, and access that comes with it—has played a powerful role in maintaining oppressive systems. Now, we have the opportunity and the responsibility to leverage our assets and privilege to accelerate change and begin to dismantle institutionalized racism. We can disrupt systemic injustice—sharing and redirecting power and promoting collective well-being and social equity to individuals and groups who have historically been oppressed and excluded by white power and privilege. 

Redesigning and rewiring our structures and systems will require persistent effort and an unwavering commitment to racial equity. It is possible to move forward with a marathoner’s strategy and a sprinter’s sense of urgency. The time for real, viable change is now.

The Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation released a statement on racial equity on June 27, 2020; and, owing to its board member Sheridan Lorenz, will be indelibly linked to the United States Juneteenth celebration given their support and funding of "Absolute Equality," beginning as an art installation project in Galveston that evolved into a campaign that helped fuel the Juneteenth initiative into federal law on June 19, 2021.


Opinion by Sheridan Lorenez

Statement on Racial Equality June 27, 2020

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