The Credible Case for Geothermal
Texas is uniquely positioned to lead the world in the growth of geothermal energy and its importance in transitioning to a carbon-neutral economy. A landmark study, co-funded and supported by CGMF, represents a multi-year, multi-disciplinary, cross-collaborative effort by researchers from the University of Texas at Austin, SMU, Rice University, Texas A&M University, the University of Houston, University Lands, and the International Energy Agency.
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The energy-poverty nexus in Texas
CGMF is addressing the complicated issue of affordable and equitable energy. Although Texas enjoys extraordinary wealth, one-third of Texans have low incomes and live in energy poverty, with high heat and electricity prices threatening their health and pocketbooks.
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Getting Texas to Net-Zero by 2050
The world is decarbonizing. And we're confident that Texas is uniquely positioned to lead the world in the transition to a carbon-neutral energy economy. CGMF funded and supported a first-of-its-kind report by the University of Texas and others that shows Texas could eliminate its carbon pollution in fewer than 30 years, and decarbonizing would actually strengthen the state’s economy.
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Clean, Reliable Water for All
It's time to redesign water systems in the U.S. to meet the needs of all people and communities—not just the privileged.
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Galveston's Paramedicine Model
The community of Galveston introduces an innovative health-first model to navigate behavioral 911 emergencies. The initiative is part of a collaboration supported by CGMF to change mental health emergency response and bring transformation to scale across Texas.
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Cynthia Woods Mitchell at 100
Cynthia Woods Mitchell was a visionary and the driving force and influence that motivates CGMF's deeply felt commitments to social justice, educational equality, the arts, environmental protection, and historic preservation. CGMF celebrates the 100th anniversary of her birth, presenting an opportunity to reflect on her contributions to the Mitchell family and the foundation.
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Clean Energy
CGMF understands Texas has a tremendous opportunity to benefit from a clean energy economy and is committed to promoting energy efficiency and minimizing the air and water impacts from energy production.
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Statement on Racial Equity
Systemic racism is insidious. Redesigning and rewiring our structures and systems will require persistent effort and an unwavering commitment to racial equity. The time for real, viable change is now.
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Cooks Branch Conservancy
Cook's Branch offers a glimpse into what a century of regeneration looks like in the East Texas Piney Woods ecoregion. CGMF's award-winning 6,000-acre conservancy exemplifies habitat management and wildlife conservation on private land.
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Land Conservation
CGMF is committed to working to create the conditions that enable dramatically-scaled land protection and encourage, promote, and incentivize broad-based stewardship practices on private lands.
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Sustainability Education
CGMF seeks to expand the sustainability science approach to solving complex, interrelated economic, social, and environmental problems by educating a new generation of leaders via a state-of-the-art, Texas-wide academic network.
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Subsurface Energy
CGMF focuses on improving the governance of shale development in addition to supporting efforts to reduce the negative environmental and community impacts of shale gas development.
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CGMF aims to increase the scientific understanding of water issues in Texas through its Grand Challenges initiative—a means of designing effective policy that meets the water quantity needs of the environment.
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The Galveston Program honors George and Cynthia Mitchell’s interest in and love for the community of Galveston. CGMF's long-term objective is to drive a general transformation of the island through organization's such as Vision Galveston.
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The Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation is a mission‐driven grantmaking foundation that seeks innovative, sustainable solutions for human and environmental challenges.

The foundation works as an engine of change in both policy and practice in Texas, supporting high-impact projects and practices at the nexus of environmental protection, social equity, and economic vibrancy.


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