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What would George Mitchell Do? [Opinion]

The late George P. Mitchell, who would have turned 100 on May 21, was a Houston-based businessman, real estate developer and innovative philanthropist credited with developing fracking and horizontal drilling technology to profitably produce shale gas. He also insisted that oil and gas extraction be... Read More >

Opinion: The oilman who loved sustainable energy

On Tuesday, George P. Mitchell would have turned 100 years old. After his death at 94 in 2013, this newspaper declared him the “Houstonian of the Century” — not the 20th century, in which he lived most of his life, but the 21st, which his legacy will help define. The list of words... Read More >

Philanthropists are allowing the younger generation to decide how to manage budgets, allocate grants

At a charitable board meeting, members are invited to propose their visions for the future distribution of the fund. Sounds normal, except these are young teens—each given a $10,000 budget—presenting to their grandparents, who established the foundation decades earlier. “You... Read More >

Can George Mitchell's legacy save Texas' last frontier?

Editor's Note: This story is one of the top 10 stories from the May 10, 2019 edition of The Texas Energy Report. The story was originally written by Mike Lee and published in Energy Wire/E&E News on May 3, 2019. The sun sets over the Chisos Mountains in Big Bend National Park. The... Read More >

Fighting the 'status quo' of energy development

MIDLAND—The Big Bend region is considered one of the most biodiverse in the Western Hemisphere, while also sitting in one of the most energy-intensive areas of the world — and experts say if that energy is not developed responsibly, the sustainability of the region and its resources... Read More >

EDITORIAL: Will oil and gas industry shoulder responsibilities as regulations falter?

Here in America, we talk plenty of learning from history but show very little evidence of it. Exhibit A: The Trump administration’s decision to relax regulations designed to prevent a repeat of the horrendous BP Deepwater Horizon oil-platform explosion that left 11 workers dead, released 4... Read More >

Verify: You won't believe what's happening in far West Texas

Editor's Note: The following story was produced by WFAA-TV. The weekly news segment, Verify, is seen on 44 top-rated network affiliate television stations throughout the United States, including 11 Texas markets ranging from ABC and Fox stations (e.g., Midland, San Angelo, San Antonio, Houston,... Read More >

New initiative strives to inspire responsible energy development in the Big Bend

MIDLAND—The Cynthia & George Mitchell Foundation, along with other partners, hopes to protect the Big Bend region from encroaching energy development by creating a new initiative called the Respect Big Bend Coalition. Its purpose is to work with West Texas communities along with energy... Read More >

Coalition to help mitigate impact of energy sprawl in West Texas

MIDLAND—The West Texas energy sprawl is continuing to expand, with little sign of stopping, and in response, a new coalition has been formed in hopes to mitigate the environmental impact that development could have on the Big Bend region. Marilu Hastings, Vice President of the Cynthia and... Read More >

Can George Mitchell's legacy save Texas' last frontier?

The sun sets over the Chisos Mountains in Big Bend National Park. The Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation has begun a multiyear effort to preserve the wider Big Bend region against some of the side effects of energy development, including oil and gas drilling and renewables. Mike Lee/E&E... Read More >

Foundation's goal is to Respect Big Bend Country

MIDLAND—The Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation will offer a press briefing on Thursday, May 2 at 10:30 am in advance of George Mitchell being honored posthumously that evening by the Petroleum Museum.  Marilu Hastings, a Midland native, member of the Department of Energy's National... Read More >

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