December 2021 NEWS

Opinion: If the oil and gas industry shrinks, what will that mean for Texas education funding? With the right economic policies, Texas can fill any funding gap with new industry.

    A shift from fossil fuel to low-carbon and renewable energy sources has been underway in the United States for the last 20 years. Accounting and preparing for this shift are essential in Texas since fossil fuel energy continues to be a significant share of... Read More >

Texas is losing groundwater at nearly 2x the maximum sustained rate

Out in the ghost town of Terlingua in remote West Texas, craggy mountains loom high in the distance, largely uninhabited save for a few houses dotting the hillside. But on a morning in late November, there was a change to this landscape, where a drilling rig cut into the horizon, spewing dark... Read More >

Texas officials order power plant operators to prepare for winter hazards

LISTEN TO THE STORY>> Nearly a year since the worst blackout in Texas history, the state has ordered power plants to better prepare for winter. But the changes so far won't be enough if there's another record freeze. DEBBIE ELLIOTT, HOST: It's been nearly a year since the worst... Read More >

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