April 2022 NEWS

Texas Tribune announces regional newsroom expansion

AUSTIN, TEXAS—The Texas Tribune announced today that its newsroom will expand its award-winning coverage of Texas politics, public policy and the government with a regional reporting initiative. The Tribune’s new regional initiative will support original reporting from the East Texas,... Read More >

How the Texas economy can grow even if the state cuts carbon emissions to net-zero

  Good news, Texas: Reducing greenhouse gas emissions can help the state’s economy meet our needs and the desires of our investors and customers. Our research shows that decarbonizing is good for business and the environment. During the past 2 1/2 years, we... Read More >

Op-Ed: The credible case for George P. Mitchell's version of a Mitchell Plan

Former Energy Secretary and Texas governor Rick Perry argued in a recent op-ed in The Hill (“Europe needs a Mitchell Plan, not a Marshall Plan,” April 1, 2022) that a so-called “Mitchell Plan” was necessary to ensure energy security for Europe. This as opposed to the Marshall... Read More >

Opinion: Europe needs a Mitchell Plan, not a Marshall plan

As President Biden looks to provide Europe with viable options for energy security and enable our allies to join a sanctions effort that would bring the Russian petrostate to its knees, he has summoned the spirit of America’s foremost pioneer of transatlantic relations, George C.... Read More >

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