February 2020 NEWS

Mitchell foundation names new CEO

Galveston native Randall Kempner has been tapped as the new CEO of the Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation. He will succeed Katherine Lorenz, the Mitchells' granddaughter, in August as part of a planned succession. He will be the first non-family member to serve as chief executive, the board of... Read More >

CGMF appoints Randall Kempner new chief executive officer; Marilu Hastings to chief innovation and strategy officer

AUSTIN (February 12, 2020)—Randall Kempner will become the CEO of the Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation (CGMF) in August, succeeding Katherine Lorenz, the foundation’s board of directors announced today. The appointment represents the first non-family chief executive as part of a... Read More >

Boomtown | An 11-part Podcast Series

Record-breaking oil production in the Texas Permian Basin area has brought the energy boom to the greater Big Bend region's doorstep for the first time. Is it too late to save this pristine landscape? How can energy sprawl be adequately mitigated to empower stakeholders to conserve the unique... Read More >

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