January 2023 NEWS

Texas has limitless supplies of this clean energy source but oil well fracking tech is the key

A few thousand feet below Texas’s sunbaked surface, sedimentary rock and gravel are superheated to hundreds of degrees by the earth’s magma.   Geothermal energy flows every minute of every day, and for decades scientists have searched for a way to harness it economically. A group... Read More >

Benefits, feasibility of geothermal energy in Texas examined in study

LISTEN TO THE STORY>> A new study examined the potential of geothermal energy in Texas. Geothermal, when heat is drawn from below the ground, requires drilling miles down into the earth. The heat comes largely from the core of the earth, which experts say is the same temperature as the... Read More >

Heres why Texas is a geothermal energy is a sleeping giant

Texas is hot below ground and full of folks with oil and gas drilling expertise, so that makes it ripe for a geothermal energy boom, according to a new study from researchers at five Texas universities. Researchers from The University of Texas at Austin, Southern Methodist University, Rice... Read More >

Texas researchers push for geothermal's rise from obscurity

Geothermal energy has the potential to play an enormous role in Texas' decarbonization push but has been perplexingly ignored in energy transition strategies worldwide. A group of Texas researchers believes, however, that, with the help of the state's oil and gas industry, geothermal energy could... Read More >

Geothermal energy could be off-ramp for Texas oil

AUSTIN — Four years of drilling for energy deep underground would be enough to build Texas a carbon-free state electric grid, a new study by an alliance of state universities has found. The state’s flagship universities — including the University of Texas at Austin, Rice University... Read More >

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