May 2016 NEWS

In Texas, market forces driving shift from coal, study says

Texans are on pace to rely more heavily on natural gas, wind and solar energy to power their lives in the coming decades — and much less on coal. That’s regardless of how judges rule in battles over federal regulations meant to speed the shift toward cleaner-burning electricity sources,... Read More >

Stuck in middle of fight over clean energy

The Supreme Court halted President Obama’s Clean Power Plan requirements for now, but a recent survey of Texans showed broad support across party lines for the state to create a comprehensive clean energy plan, even if the federal government doesn’t.For the wind- and solar-rich Texas... Read More >

Texans support a statewide "clean energy" plan

When it blocked President’s Obama’s Clean Power Plan, the U.S. Supreme Court let Texas off the hook — at least for now — on developing a plan to boost its use of cleaner-burning energy. But most Texans believe their leaders should draw up a plan to shift from coal-fired... Read More >

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