August 2022 NEWS

Commentary: Drought, growth, and the future of the Hill Country

On Thursday, June 9, the North Llano River stopped flowing. On August 4, the U.S. Drought Monitor showed 80 percent of the Texas Hill Country in exceptional drought. The Pedernales, Guadalupe and Frio Rivers are dry, and many other Texas rivers are heading toward zero flow. Ranchers... Read More >

Opinion: Energy-Rich Texas Should Love the Climate Bill

As you might expect, Texas’ two Republican senators aren’t fans of the anti-inflation law. Yet few states can gain as much from it as they can. Texas is known as an oil state but, more accurately, an energy state. Yes, it is the country’s largest oil (and gas) producer and the top... Read More >

Opinion: Climate bill alone won't halve U.S. emissions by 2030

The cheap cost of clean energy enables the country to make great strides. Further steps will be more expensive. Since the Senate’s passage of the Democrats’ massive climate bill, backslapping and congratulations have been the order of the day among environmentalists from... Read More >

Telescopes are seeing farther than ever before. What's philanthropy's role?

Last month, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) beamed back the first pictures from its vantage point in orbit around the sun, a comfortable 1 million miles from Earth. The new telescope has collected some amazing images (and other data) from deep space, showing more detail of the stars than ever... Read More >

Climate change hitting poor Texans the hardest, experts discuss ways to fix that

    As the temps rise, many Texans are using less energy because they feel “scared or broke”   The heat punishing Texans and people in other states is not going away in the years to come. But a roundtable of experts said today that what can be alleviated is the... Read More >

CGMF’s research briefing addresses the growing energy-affordability-poverty nexus in Texas

Austin (August 9, 2022)—Texas — the nation’s largest energy producer and consumer — is experiencing a succession of heat waves taxing the state’s electric grid and consumers’ wallets.  High temperatures are pushing electricity consumption to new heights every... Read More >

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