Statement in regard to Houston Chronicle story

Statement from the Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation

Austin (December 24, 2013)—The Houston Chronicle published a story in its December 24, 2013 edition that included a number of inaccuracies about the Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation. This statement is an attempt to clarify these inaccuracies.  

The death of George P. Mitchell was a sad loss for our family and for the greater community. George Mitchell was a generous person who was deeply committed to supporting the people, causes, and organizations important to him and his late wife, Cynthia.

It is important to understand that George Mitchell, the estate of George Mitchell, and the Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation are not one and the same.

George Mitchell’s estate cannot legally make charitable contributions and, thus, cannot fund pledges that he made personally during his lifetime.  

The Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation’s ability to make contributions through its grants and grantmaking programs, however, is not affected by the death of George Mitchell. The foundation has not stopped making gifts nor halted its grantmaking practices until George Mitchell’s estate has been settled, as was erroneously reported by the Chronicle.

It should also be noted that George Mitchell’s passing does not affect his commitment to the Giving Pledge, sponsored by Warren Buffet and Bill and Melinda Gates, which he signed on December 7, 2010. This pledge is not “in limbo” as was reported by the Chronicle.

The foundation has always honored and will continue to honor all of its financial commitments to the myriad organizations and grantmaking initiatives in which it invests, and is dutifully and purposely committed to carrying out George and Cynthia Mitchell’s philanthropic legacy.

For additional information, please contact Brett Holmes at or (713) 244-4178.


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