Conservation and Reuse of Reclaimed Wastewater: A Marriage of Necessity

As the population of Texas increases and requires a more abundant water supply, big decisions loom regarding new water sources, growing volumes of wastewater effluent, and the impacts on our land, environment, and other species in which we coexist.  A new way of thinking is taking root since... Read More >

The credible case for a resilient water supply in Texas

In this time of crisis and deep uncertainty, one thing we must be able to depend on is our water supply. Access to water is critical to public health, fragile local economies, and food production. And the benefits are also intangible. Confined to our homes, many of us are realizing that time spent... Read More >

Perfect timing for solar energy

Luke Metzger of Environment Texas looks up to the sky from his newly solar-paneled house in Austin.  The timing was perfect. After advocating for solar energy for twenty years, I finally pulled the trigger and put solar panels on our home this spring. Solar prices have declined 60% in the... Read More >

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