April 2017 BLOG POSTS

Texas is doing water right. Can the state inform a sustainable path forward for the U.S.? -Part 2

As I discussed in my first post of this series, the 2017 State Water Plan provides a 50-year outlook on the water supplies and demands of our state and outlines strategies to meet potential needs during drought of record conditions. If all strategies and projects in the 2017 plan are implemented,... Read More >

Can Texas inform a sustainable path forward for U.S. water management?

To most Texans (and most Americans), water is a natural resource that is taken for granted. Because it’s available at our fingertips, most of us find it nearly impossible to imagine not having enough water. Despite popular belief, however, water is limited. In Texas, we are especially aware... Read More >

Clean energy boom will continue, with or without Mr. Trump

The advanced energy industry—everything from wind turbines and solar panels, to home energy storage and energy efficiency—is booming. And despite President Trump’s reckless energy and environmental policies, he can’t stop it. A $200-billion market, and growing ... Read More >

Protecting people’s health while growing the Texas economy

A thriving economy now or a thriving planet for my grandchildren? Why not both? With Texas’s plentiful natural resources and cutting-edge research and development capabilities, we don’t have to choose. If planned strategically, protecting our health and growing the economy go together.... Read More >

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