What should Texas do about integrated water-energy policy decisions?

When considering linkages and tradeoffs of water and energy objectives, the usual discussion among colleagues, industry, and government agencies is that we should search for holistic “win-win” situations—a simultaneous beneficial outcome for both energy and water goals.   ... Read More >

One way to reduce dangerous pollution from Texas coal plants? Outlaw legal loopholes

Coal combustion is dirty business. This is neither new nor surprising information. Combustion of fossil fuels for electric generation is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States, and coal is the worst offender. In Texas, lax regulatory oversight and continued use of... Read More >

Note to Industry: Regulation and business success are not mutually exclusive

Today’s public is demanding more from corporate America than ever before: They expect transparency, accountability, and a commitment to operating responsibly. Across industries, securing the public license to operate is essential to ensuring a strong corporate reputation and long-term... Read More >

Integrating sustainability science into grantmaking

In the Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation’s (CMGF) inaugural blog post on January 14, 2014, we described George P. Mitchell’s role in launching the field of sustainability science. Inspired by George’s leadership in this endeavor and to honor his legacy, concepts of... Read More >

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