March 2017 BLOG POSTS

Texas is known for a lot of things. Environmental leadership should be one of them

The state of Texas has a tradition of fierce independence that has often put the state at odds with federal environmental policies and regulations. According to a recent report by The Texas Tribune, Texas sued the federal government 27 times since 2009 over federal rules and regulations relating to... Read More >

Energy-water nexus lessons learned from the state of Texas

As persistent rain dampened this year's first weekend of South By Southwest in Austin, I couldn’t help but think of the terrible drought that plagued Texas for years. Just a few short years ago, my dad had to sell his motorboat because there was no water in nearby Lake Travis. Then floods... Read More >

Ensuring a more resilient and sustainable future

The outcome of the presidential election and recent confirmation of an EPA Administrator who has pledged to scale back environmental regulations have many of us wondering how best to continue our efforts toward a more resilient and sustainable future. We at Houston Endowment believe that lessons can... Read More >

The market-driven transition to Texas-produced clean energy—Part 2

In part one of of this blog series, I discussed how market forces are transitioning Texas to a cleaner electric grid that relies on Texas-produced clean energy from wind, solar power, and natural gas. Due to Texas's abundant low-cost natural gas and the increasing amount of wind and solar power in... Read More >

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