Academic Chairs, Texas A&M University

George and Cynthia and the Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation have jointly contributed to the establishment of 13 academic chairs and professorships, a post-doctoral fellowship in astronomy, an Astronomy Lecture Series, and an Astronomy Colloquium Series at Texas A&M University. The academic chairs include the following:

George P. Mitchell '40 Chair in Marine Sciences
George P. Mitchell '40 Chair in Sustainable Coasts
George P. Mitchell '40 Chair in Sustainable Fisheries
George P. Mitchell '40 Endowed Chair in Statistics
George P. Mitchell '40 Chair in Experimental Physics
Stephen Hawking Chair in Fundamental Physics
Mitchell-Heep Chair in Theoretical High-Energy Physics
Mitchell/Heep Chair in Experimental High Energy Physics
Mitchell/Munnerlyn/Heep Chair in Observational Astronomy/Cosmology
Schüssler-Laux/Mitchell/Heep Chair in Optical and Biomedical Physics
Rachal/Mitchell/Heep Professorship in Physics & Astronomy
Mitchell/Munnerlyn/Heep Career Enhancement Professorship
Stephen E. Harris Professorship in Quantum Optics

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